Bud Man Orange County Named Best SoCal Weed Delivery

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Orange County is blessed with spectacular beaches and legal marijuana. However, one thing you won’t see in most OC cities is a brick & mortar cannabis dispensary that you can walk into and buy weed in person.

California Proposition 64, which was passed by voters in 2016, legalized marijuana purchase, possession, and consumption among adults 21 years and older across the entire state of California. Despite this full statewide legalization measure, Prop 64 also contained provisions granting a large degree of local control and regulation to municipal and county governments. This power of local control includes the prohibition of retail marijuana sales establishments, also known as dispensaries.

So how are weed lovers in such jurisdictions like Orange County, where retail dispensaries are prohibited in most cities, supposed to access legal marijuana products? Enter the solution personal cannabis delivery: mobile marijuana dispensaries that bring the weed you need to your private residence, workplace, or hotels.

Chapter 8 of Proposition 64 stipulates the following:

(b) A local jurisdiction shall not prevent transportation of
marijuana or marijuana products on public roads by a
licensee transporting marijuana or marijuana products in
compliance with this division.
Chapter 9. delivery

(b) A customer requesting delivery shall maintain a
physical or electronic copy of the delivery request and
shall make it available upon request by the licensing
authority and law enforcement officers.

(c) A local jurisdiction shall not prevent delivery of
marijuana or marijuana products on public roads by a
licensee acting in compliance with this division and local
law as adopted under Section 26200.

As a result, the marijuana delivery industry has grown and thrived in Orange County and other California jurisdictions where cannabis dispensaries are either prohibited or not available due to sparse populations.

Which is why we here at the Weed Delivery California blog have decided to announce our Annual California Weed Delivery Awards, known as the Green Talaria.

The winner of this year’s premiere Green Talaria Award is Orange County’s own Bud Man OC Weed Delivery! – famous throughout Orange County for their friendly and knowledgable concierge delivery team. If you haven’t yet ordered from Bud Man Orange County Weed Delivery, you’re in for a delightful surprise. You will revel at the high quality of cannabis products on offer but also the highly professional and attentive delivery experts.

Congratulations to Bud Man Orange County Weed Delivery for being selected as the first recipient ever of our Green Talaria Best Marijuana Delivery Award, presented by Weed Delivery California Blog!

Santa Ana Weed Delivery Dispensary: Bud Man Orange County

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oakland weed delivery

The southern California and Orange County in particular have always been a trailblazers for progressive and enlightened marijuana policy as well as a center of research and development for the cannabis industry. One result of tolerant and forward-looking culture surrounding cannabis in Santa Ana is the emergence of expertise and specialization in the marijuana world.

Take for example Bud Man Weed Delivery, which is based in Irvine, California but serves the entire Orange County region including Santa Ana, Anaheim, Laguna Beach, Huntington Beach, and Newport Beach. The owner/operators of Bud Man Weed Delivery have established a special expertise and rapport with OC residents who are curious about the benefits of consuming marijuana. The Bud Man Delivery team is experienced in helping new users select the right strain, whether indica, sativa, or hybrid – as well as the most effective and convenient consumption method like smoking marijuana flower or ingesting cannabis edibles.

Many adults welcome the opportunity to consume legal marijuana. The experts at Bud Man Weed Delivery will get the right cannabis product for you and even deliver your 420 goods right to your doorstop. Order weed now in Orange County, CA.

Premium Weed Delivery w/ Style in the OC from Bud Man OC

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We are constantly searching for the best marijuana delivery services California has to offer and might have just found the best 420 delivery team in all of California. When you order weed from Bud Man OC, you get premium quality marijuana products delivered right to your front door anywhere near or around Orange County and Irvine, CA. Their weed delivery experts are prompt, knowledgeable, and available for fast delivery.

As a Bud Man OC weed customer, you can expect premium strains, beautiful packaging, and an elite 420 customer service experience.

When you sign up, you can immediately enjoy exclusive deals on cannabis products. Bud Man OC offer specials on marijuana flowers, edibles, and concentrates. In addition to promotional specials, you can also expect to find a wide range of marijuana menu options. At Bud Man OC you’ll find weed that is carefully grown and harvested by experienced California cannabis farmers.

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What California Can Learn From Colorado’s Legalization of Recreational Marijuana

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California Legalization of Marijuana

California residents rejected legalization in 2010, with a 54 percent vote against itSFGATE

This was a bummer for marijuana supporters residing in California, but the times… they are a changin’! And it appears that marijuana support has shifted and points one way.

With the wild successes found in states like Colorado and Washington – where recreational marijuana use has been legalized – the fear(s) surrounding legalization have been lessened and the stigma reduced. If California was to legalize recreational marijuana use and sale (and it’s looking rather likely, folks), here are some things to be learned from a leader of the movement, Colorado.

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What’s it like to walk into a weed dispensary for the first time?

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Walking into a weed dispensary for the first time ever is not unlike reliving your very first bar experience. You’ll notice that the smells are unfamiliar while your eyes are darting back and forth, trying to take in all the different types of people and new scenery. And more likely than not you’ll be double-checking – nay, triple-checking your driver’s license/ID card, white-knuckling it all the way up to the counter.

But this is where the similarities end.

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About Weed Delivery CA

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At Weed Delivery CA, we connect marijuana enthusiasts with verified, high-quality, and trusted weed delivery companies.  With the increasing acceptance of marijuana in California, the growth of amateur marijuana growers that pay little attention to quality control and state law, has steadily risen.

The trusted companies we feature on our site are known for their excellent service, depth of knowledge, variety of strains and/or customer experience in their respective regions.