Can I legally grow medical marijuana to sell in California?

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The legalities surrounding marijuana is complex and multi-layered. From medical marijuana to recreational weed, there is a plethora of legal parameters that plague each type of marijuana use and sale. Today we are discussing the legalities associated around the legal sale and growing of medical marijuana in California. While everyone can apply for a medical marijuana card, not everyone can legally grow and sell in California.

What is a Medical Marijuana Collective?

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What exactly is a medical marijuana collective or cooperative? On the most basic of levels, a collective allows medical marijuana patients to get their weed legally, on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, as easily as possible. Because of this very, very basic definition, anyone and everyone involved in the business of marijuana seems to be defining themselves as a collective.
Doing so however, is incorrect.

Marijuana Legalization: The Answer to State Budget Deficits

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Colorado became the first state in the nation to legalize the recreational use of marijuana. Contrary to naysayers’ outlandish beliefs, Colorado has not imploded onto itself. In fact with a total haul of about $76 million, beating out its initial tax forecast, Colorado is thriving financially and well exceeding expectations.
What does that mean for America?