8 States on the Brink of Legalizing Recreational Marijuana

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States like Colorado and Washington legalized recreational marijuana use nearly three years ago. Since then, each state has experienced tremendous gains in the form of decreased drug arrests, increased tax revenue, and decreased unemployment. For a more comprehensive list, click here. With gains like these, it’s hard to ignore the potential benefits that come along with the legalization of marijuana for recreational use and sale. Colorado and Washington have paved the way for states that are bordering on the concept of legalization. By proving that legalization does not lead to havoc but rather improves state affairs, states like California, Florida, and Maine – just to name a few – are taking notice and are on the brink of legalizing recreational marijuana use under their own jurisdiction.

What California Can Learn From Colorado’s Legalization of Recreational Marijuana

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California Legalization of Marijuana

This was a bummer for marijuana supporters residing in California, but the times… they are a changin’! And it appears that marijuana support has shifted and points one way. With the wild successes found in states like Colorado and Washington – where recreational marijuana use has been legalized – the fear(s) surrounding legalization have been lessened and the stigma reduced. If California was to legalize recreational marijuana use and sale (and it’s looking rather likely, folks), here are some things to be learned from a leader of the movement, Colorado.

Marijuana Legalization: The Answer to State Budget Deficits

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Colorado became the first state in the nation to legalize the recreational use of marijuana. Contrary to naysayers’ outlandish beliefs, Colorado has not imploded onto itself. In fact with a total haul of about $76 million, beating out its initial tax forecast, Colorado is thriving financially and well exceeding expectations.
What does that mean for America?

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